The Dark Before Dawn

Tori Young is just trying to live a normal life, except that she's a vampire. Flying under the radar as a normal teenager in a small beach town in northern California, her immortal clock may be running out when a new, more sinister, vampire moves into town. Tori must find and eliminate the other vampire to save her family and her town before he destroys her and 

all that she loves.

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Nautical Awakening (A Summer Adventure Romance novel)

When Jean embarks on a magical vacation to cure her fears, she ends up falling in love with the wrong man and getting into more trouble than she'd bargained for. A summer cruise turns out to be the adventure of a lifetime.

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Miss Manana and Too Many Bananas (A Rhyme Time Storybook)

Miss Manana lived in the town of Ballana, and every day she would eat two yellow bananas. One day, however, there were no yellow bananas at the store—there were only green to be seen and nothing more!

Join Miss Manana in this Rhyme Time Storybook for a silly adventure about Miss Manana, who finds herself going bananas with too few, then too many, bananas! 

Miss Manana must discover that sharing solves her problem and also helps other people. In the end, will she realize that giving is more important than having?

Mrs. Magix' Magic Cats (A Rhyme Time Storybook)

Her name was Mrs. Magix, and she had four magic cats. One wrote, one sang, one tickled pink, and the other, he just flew. They had a good life, and a comfy, warm bed, but all this life was to change, with just one knock on the front doorstep...

Join Mrs. Magix on her rhyming adventure of the story of getting a new pet and learning to appreciate everyone just as they are. True magic, after all, is just being yourself.

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Farm Talk (A Rhyme Time Storybook)

The farm was quiet until a bee with some fuzz made a big buzz around the rattle of the munching cattle! One noise sets off another in this rhyming farm book. Will the farmer be able to settle the farm down for the night?

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Handsome Horsey (The Magic of Pets series)

Handsome Horsey is quite handsome! He learns a lesson, though, that true beauty is what’s on the inside, and that is what really matters.

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Super Kitty (The Magic of Pets series)

Super Kitty may not seem so super at first glance. She's missing a leg! Through determination and adaptability, Super Kitty proves that handicaps can sometimes be not what makes us weak, but what makes us strong.

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Silly Doggy (The Magic of Pets series)

Silly Doggy is very silly! She loves to give kisses! Sometimes, her owner thinks that Silly Doggy is too silly for giving so many kisses, and she doesn’t want them, but Silly Doggy proves to her that we can never love too much.

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How to Plan Your Own Awesome At-Home Staycation Cruise Vacation

Everyone dreams of going on a cruise vacation, but not everyone is able to. Cruises are an opportunity to step away and take a well-needed break. What if you can’t go on a cruise right now? This book offers an alternative—a staycation that’s more than just relaxing at home, but a way to make you feel like you’re on a cruise that will make your whole family feel rejuvenated, recharged, and ready to face the world again.

Don’t put off the dream cruise another year. With a few simple steps and some organized planning, you can take that cruise now without ever leaving your home.

This book is available for purchase on Amazon.